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africayellowcat in marafics

FANFICTION: For the love of a jedi Pts. 1-9
AUTHOR: africayellowcat
WORD COUNT: Darn, forgot to do that again, 10,000 roughly
DISCLAIMER; I own nothing, it is all the great George Lucas and Timothy Zahn's, I just borrowed them.
SUMMARY: This story postulates how Mara would react to Luke getting married.
COMMENTS: I believe this is my best fanfiction. I originally posted it on fanfiction.net but somehow got it in the wrong section and have been completely unable to find it. I have edited it fairly extensively since that time and decided to post it here where I know where it is. I hope people enjoy it, I am proud of it.
RATING: Some adult suggestive stuff, nothing too risque.

Click links to livejournal: http://africayellowcat.livejournal.com/12233.html

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