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Welcome to marafics, a fan fiction community dedicated to stories about Star Wars Expanded Universe character Mara Jade. All fans of the character are welcome.

All types of fic are allowed; the important thing is that Mara plays an substantial role.

On Posting
We do ask that you post actual stories/chapters on this community, not just links, for archiving purposes. (As the writer, you will still have the ability to delete/edit your posts.) Just please, please, please make generous use of the lj-cut tag, for the sake of everyone's friends list.

Please include the title, rating, appropriate warnings, pairings, and summary for fics posted. The following is the suggested format:

Please put the title, chapter numbers (ex: 1/8, 2/8, 3/8, etc.), and rating in your subject line; that makes it easier for tagging, which makes it easer for readers to find (and read!) your fics.

NC-17/adult material is allowed, but must be friends-locked, so if you want to read it, you'll have to join the community as a member. Readers wanting to avoid adult material can just friend the community. (Note: to post, you must be a member. Sorry about that; I recommend using filters to avoid any adult material from showing up if you check your LJ away from home.)

Authors: Don't beg for feedback; the 'post comment' button is right there. (Unless you disable comments.) However, please note if you are open to constructive criticism.

For readers, feedback is very much encouraged but NOT required.

What else is on-topic?
Relevant discussion of the character, fandom, and fan fiction is also welcome, although we ask that general EU questions be asked at the main EU community, starwars_eu.

Links to Mara-centric sites are more than welcome.

Questions and drive-by snarkings can be addressed to duncatra via email: snarkel@livejournal.com.